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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Preparation & Diversification

I think these midterms are lived differently by the IESE community. Maybe it's the good wather, maybe is being close to the end of the first year, or maybe it's the nature of the courses... Well, whatever it is, I think students are less willing to spend days closed at home studying like hell. One thing that i learned in Corporate Finance is about the benefits of differentiation. Following this suggestion I immediately applied it to my weekend. In a normal context i would have studied 24 hours/day. This time my time portfolio included nightlife, dinners and lunches with friends, afternoon at the beach.. and so on. Regarding the beach time. There was a nice RedBull Flight Race on saturday. Lots of people. When everybody was with the nose pointing at the sky to see these stuntmen of the air, i pushed my diversification strategy even further and i took this cool picture on the upper corner of the post! By the way i'm not saying that i did't spend some time at home in my "nerd" clothes trying to understand economics. I leave you with a dilemma about the following picture.

Extreme outsourcing in India?...
or just me on skype with Rombo?


Blogger -tvu said...

I noticed that she's pointing also, but it is not w/ her hands nor is it pointing upwards. hehe...

6:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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