Italians do it better (the MBA)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

This post is boaring . Don't read it.

This week started with a big change in our apartment. Alex is gone.. alex is living with his girlfriend now, in a small town very close to barcelona. Now our 4th flatmate is Pierre, a French guy, very smart. If you want to read about pro and cons of this change you can read a good report on Noelle's blog. This week there is a little vein of sadness in the air. People are very concerned by the classe of this term. Actually is true that life is much more hard now than in the last term. Ok we are much more skilled in approaching cases (well yesterday i was arake until 2am to finish but it's still acceptable) but we have 3 quantitative courses higly paced. So somebody is still in the mood of thinking "i'm gonna fail the MBA" and sadness is in the air. Well.. not for me. I'm facing problems too with some subjects but i'm sure that the Gaussian Curve will help us all in this sense! Another friend of mine is sad because he has just ended up a 12-year relationship with his girlfriend. I was trying to say something to make him feel better but i wasn't able to carry any relationship over 1 year in my life.. I'm not the best consultant about this. If anybody has some good idea... suggestion are well accepted. Ok.. this post is quite boring and I realized that i have nothing special to say.. so let's change the original title and close here. Managerial accounting is going to start in a few minutes!


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