Italians do it better (the MBA)

Monday, November 28, 2005


The funny thing of being at iese is diversity.
Yesterday Eugene was trying to convince me that if you fall from an airplane and u are relaxed enough you can survive. Yes because, following his theory, the death is mainly caused by the heart attack that you have before hitting the ground! To give proof of that he cited the fact that is normal in russia to be drunk and fall from the terraces. But people don't die.. because they are so drunk to be completely relaxed even after 5 floor of free dive!!
Let's move to Romania. The teacher was saying that here in spain many houses don't have the roof because they have a terrace on top of the building. Vlad argued that even in romania the houses haven't the roof... but it just means that it rains in the top-floor apartment.
And always Vlad talking about trash collection in developed countries. We where saying that in spain they are not very sensitive to environment because they don't collect trash differentiating from different materials. He said that it's not so bad since in Romania they just throw the trash out of the window. Sorry Vlad.


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