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Monday, November 20, 2006

I need some breast rest

Thank you thanksgiving. It's monday and my week is already over. No classes until next monday. I needed some rest. I have to take some time to visit the city with the daylight, walk into some museum, eat the turkey. I think I need also some rest from the nightlife of NYC. Well I'm not having a good start with this proposition.. I planned already to go to the French Tuesday tomorrow, another party in a club on Wednesday.. but overall i would like to not go beyond that. My liver is in a bad shape and deadlines for 3 papers are approaching.

In three weeks the term is over! Unbelivable. I'm already sad of leaving NYC in a month. I didn't expect to get so into the life of the school in this short period. I was talking about this with Medea today. I think I've been quite lucky to get introduced into her and all the other italians since the first days. Many exchange students are doomed to stay among themselves because it's not that easy her to get into groups of already formed friends. Whatever..I would like to have a bag to put all of them in a bag.. and with them the streets of soho, the cafè havana, the clubs in 27th street, tom's restaurant, central park, the monday class of private sector, the atomic clock of Amar Bidhe, the squirrels crossing the campus with the mouth full of nuts.


And by the way, I've included two cool pictures i took this weekend.


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