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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hell & Heaven

They say New York is the city for singles. Indeed if you go around at night, you go into cool clubs, that's the New York you see. Every weekend I put myself into these shoes, going out until late, getting almost drunk at guest house or marquee, sweating my clean shirt and eating pizza in 110th street corner with Broadway. It's cool. Lots of girls around, an easy task if compared to snobby girls you can meet in Milan, good music, strong drinks. Even the restroom is cool. I spent 10 minutes talking with the waiter (with cufflings) in the restroom. He was very proud of his offer of parfumes and candies! Wow... this is Heaven! And that's how you feel. You thank God that you are single! Or not? Mmm maybe this is not heaven, this is hell. And I think that especially when I put my sneakers on at noon, trying to get rid of the hungover by having a run in central park. You walk into the park and you see another New York. The landscape is amazing. The autumn foliage shows unbelivable colors and patterns. I love this park. I love this season. And among all the couples in the park, I am running by myself. This is Heaven! I hate to be single! Or not? I'm confused.


Blogger Kairike said...

Hey sweet one! Heaven's in Australia ;) Love it here! Come visit sometime! Huggies, K.

6:42 AM

Blogger NoellieBellie said...

Hola George.

Estoy contigo ahora.... entiendo completamente. :(


6:53 PM


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