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Monday, November 06, 2006

Death in the middle

Even if was very happy with the offer of BCG Milan, I decided to ask for the London office. There were several reasons why I asked that, now there are several reasons minus one. However, I'm still convinced about it. Few days ago I've been contacted by the worldwide head of BCG recruiting who called me because she didn't know I asked that transfer. So she englighted me about the process, the interviews and so on. The fun thing is that I had to explain to her first which are my reasons. So I started talking about the fact that the private equity practice is based there, that I think in the city I will be closer to a substantial network of iese alumni and also personal friends who work there since many years. And again the fact that I would like to have some international exposure also in terms of office diversity. Then I had my big ace in the sleeve which was "and you know what.. even if you think I'm an asshole, I think I want to stay in London just a few years and then go back to Italy..". The message i wanted to convey was "no worries, i'm not going to bother you that much". No time to mention this and the recruiter said "ok ok.. good reasons, the important thing is that you don't say you want to stay just few years!". Wow. That was my ace card! Mmm..
Then I discovered that I have other three case interviews with London office partners. My chances to fail this step are very high. And then i also learned that now is not that straighforward that I can go back to the Milan office. So I'm already projecting me in January in a desperate research of the last resort employer. Wow. This is the death in middle.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you're headed to London. Cool.

I wonder how long hours you'll have to work. That's the main reason why MBAs don't appeal so badly to me. For some reason I don't plan to work 18 hours a day for the next 15 years... I'm curious to hear your story!



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