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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Branca Branca Branca...

Leon Leon Leon!
Look at the economist's cover page. Well, think about at Columbia first years as this soldier. Professional, very prepared, super equipped with top noch technology. That's probably how banks see columbia first years. During the first term they study corporate finance, corporate strategy, capital markets. Things that at IESE are done only from the second term on. On top of that, Columbia first years are exposed to an amazing number of seminars, company presentations and extra courses that make them extremely competitive in the summer internship market. Just to give an example, on saturdays there is the option to attend a 9am-5pm class on valuation. On friday, you can go to spend one day on the trading flor of a top bank. By the end of october a first year is able to do a DCF valuation of a company!
On the other hand, I was at dinner last night with a bunch of people from a bank and among them there were some of the bankers who met our IESE first years during the banking tour. Well... their first impression was not the best i have ever heard. Compared to Colubia's first years, IESE's remind me the mighty brancaleone troup. But honestly, I love it much more.


Blogger Catalonic said...

Georgie Boy.
Though it is true that Columbia students may be more "prepared" from a technical standpoint, recruiters love IESE students because they are interesting, well rounded people. For instance, this year at Deutsche, IESE was the only school in the world to receive 100% offers in Global Banking, 3 for 3. Harvard? 0. Chicago? 0
As a fellow Columbia/IESE alumn, I can say that we definitely made the right choice.

7:38 AM

Blogger George said...

Yeah that's why at the end i said that I prefer IESE anyway.

8:37 PM


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