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Sunday, November 19, 2006

The "wooo hooo" saga

Can you believe that at columbia you have a course called "Innovate or Die"? Sounds wierd, isn't it? I'm wondering what's on the sessions' outline.
Session 1: kill your competitors..
Session 2: slap your lazy secretary..
Session 3: a hundred ways to fire your employees...

Woooo hooo!

In IESE, we have mas o menos the same course: "Dilemas Humanos"

By the way, I'm talking about this because the dean Glenn Hubbard (it's not a fantasy name, it's real!) just wrote an article on the FT in reply to Anita Roddick's position that those with an eye toward entrepreneurial careers can't and don't benefit from an MBA education ("Don't get a business degree, get angry", November 15). The dean's starting senctece "I should say that I greatly respect Anita Roddick and admire her success as a business leader." seems something that come out of the Word Editor Grammar Check on an original sentence like "shut up, you stupid b**ch".. but let's say it comes from his heart. The summary of Glenn Hubbard's position is that at top school they don't prented to teach you how to become the new Bill Gates but rather give you a mindset that allows you to better exploit opportunities that you might encounter in your life. And it's fuckin' true. I mean... not all the succesful entrepeneurs were born because IBM gave them the opportunity to produce a "side" component for their machines. Most of the time entrepeneurs just see the opportunity to replicate some other people's idea or maybe change it a little, relocate it in another country, or apply it to another context. And if i have to add something out of my brain, in the deveoled world i think the space for opportunities is becoming quite narrrow. Only if you have breaktroughs like the PCs and Internet this space broadens and gives room to the people to find their own succesful path. The MBA gives you an extra torch that you can use to move in the shadow.
Going back to the things that really matter. Look at this combined picture. They are exactly the same! I remember when I was young and I was at the gym talking with a lawyer friend of mine. We were used to ride the ciclettes for some twenty minutes talking shit. Among the stupid things you discussed, one day he told me about the theories of Cesare Lombroso about criminal anthropology. Basically his theories say that there are some phisical features of the human bodies that are common in criminals. So, for example, if you have a big chin, your eyes are distant more that 3 cm one from the other, your lips are not the same size.. either you are a picasso or you are going to kill somebody during your life. It's funny to think how life has changed. This man spent his whole life to study these kind of relations. Than one day, in a remote valley in the black forest, a german guy called Franz Heukampf was born.. and with an excel sheet you can run a regression analysis and you have the exact forumla for this. Two minutes work!

Woooo hooo (second wooo hoo of the post!)

And that's what I did on the Columbia-IESE deans. And I discovered that if you:
- are not bold but your hairs have this "see-through" effect
- your head has an upside down trapezoid shape
- you are not elected chairman of the FED
- the suit has the same shape when you wear it and when you put it on the hanger
- you can say wise things disguised as non-wise things, and the other way ronud
congratulations.. you are a dean!

Woooo hooo (final one!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with your stand on entrepreneurship.

Not everyone can be a Bill Gates or Larry ellison - Only a few can. For the others, its either MBA or family business!


8:16 AM


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