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Monday, October 23, 2006

Thank you notes

During all the career shit that you go through during the MBA, whenever you get a business card you should send thank you notes to tell your interviewer how glad you are that they dedicated time to you and so on. Some times these emails are true, most of the times they are just fake, but anyway they show you are well mannered. Sometimes you feel you just really want to say thank you to people is close to you, and it's not a question of being well mannered, it's just something that comes from your inner soul.

Thank you Noelle, Marco, Huy, Matteo, Bertrand, Rafa, Ramon, Lamberto, Valerio, Mamma and Calatrava. For the email, for the quick chat, for the long call, for the couch, for the afternoon eating chips and dried mango, for the hug, for giving up the dinner with the blonde girl, for the cast, for the words, for the smile, for the songs, the small peluche, the capoeira and all the rest. It was a great weekend!

And thank you Vera for the 6 months before.

Ok i think i should write some thank you notes now.


Blogger NoellieBellie said...

Georgie, you are welcome to Calatrava anytime. Even when none of us live here anymore, I'm sure the people who move in will be nice and allow you to come back here! It was so great to see you. Be happy!!!!! (At least we don't feel like barfing from capoeira anymore!)

6:58 PM

Anonymous huy said...

George, we can't wait until you are back. This weekend seemed to confirm everyone of us how close we ware together. We knew it before (remember the Calatrava pic we took in the elevator?)..

It doesn't mean you should not enjoy your time in NY - your road is clearer than ever - it is straight and there is nothing that holds you from taken a left or right turn (<-- badly explained but I was referring to our MSN chat)

8:16 PM

Anonymous huy said...

And hey, this was really cool that this person gave up the dinner with the really cool girl!

8:41 PM

Anonymous Matteo said...

...just because you brought me a T-shirt of Columbia Georgie!
I am looking forward meeting you in NY with tons of blondies and i hope they will kick you out at the interview for London

11:00 AM


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