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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

God is Love

Hundreds of years ago the majority of the people was tanned during the summer. They had to. They were farmers or other kind of workers exposed to the sun ten hours a day.At that time, to be pale like a WC was considered super cool. The grand grand grand father of Michael Jackson was ruling the dance floors. Today most of the people work in an office, eveyrbody is pale. Tanning centers are a succesful business, hip hop rules at Pink Elephant and Michael Jackson is on trial.

At the time of war and conquerers, it was very easy to sell a religion that promised peace & love. The target customers were people who saw their house on flames, their land stolen, their relatives killed on the battleground. The product was a religion that tells you that God is Love and life after deathis a place called paradise where everything is white and blue, candid and private bathroom for everybody. Wow. I would have gone for it. I'm sorry but today this doesn't sound so attractive anymore. The youth of today is not attracted by "god is love". Love is inflated. They want more action, adventure, guns, wars, virgins! Do you want to see a place where everything is white and blue and candid: take a plane and look out of the window. Have you ever seen a virgin? Religions, like everything, are cyclical. And now we know that this cycle lasts around 4000 years.

Ok, now i have to stop writing because the plane is suffering an incredible turbolence. No no, is not that i cannot type or that i'm scared of it. It's just too funny to watch at the old man sitting next to me. He is trying to eat his chicken served into the plastic box. The turbolence makes his arm move in the opposite direction of the plate and the whole thing is hilarious. It seems that the fork and the chicken are two magnets with the same polarity!


Blogger Catalonic said...

I've looked out the window of a plane and seen a Virgin.

7:53 AM


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