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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Enviroment unfriendly

I am quite impressed by how in the US environment is not taken that much into consideration. Cars have 8000cc engines and at central park the police car stays parked the whole day with the engine on. Always ready for action! During the summer you have +40°C outside and -20°C inside houses and offices because of terrific AC usage, during the winter it's the other way round. These days it's so cold outside but as soon as you enter into the building you are sorrounded by this sub-saharian hot temperature that forces you to go around with flipflops, t-shirts and underwear. And we cannot switch it off, it is centralized and the whole building has the same hot temperature.
I don't understand.
But today a new word entered my vocabulary: BUMMER!
I'm in a bummer.


Blogger NoellieBellie said...

I'm happy to be spreading the word "bummer" outside the US. But you have to use it correctly! You can't be IN a bummer. You can be bummed. Or a situation can be a bummer.


11:53 AM

Blogger Catalonic said...

Hold on a second....You can take it in the bummer, or give it in the bummer. I can totally see George look over his shoulder with his best porno face, say "Im in a bummer" into the camera.

I'm sure that's what he meant....right George?

4:07 PM


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