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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dedicated to David

This video is dedicated to david for three reasons:

  • Because he put that cosby video that i didn't understand. So here is a video that has nothing to be understood. It is self explanatory for every language.
  • Because he wants to buy a Ducati
  • Because he said i should buy a sidecar (and stay on the side) and I told him that we italians are all born on a moto
This video is taken on the final part of the highway that links milan with genova. This part of the highway is famous because during the weekends many riders challenge their friends, themselves and their lives on this narrow set of turns. With a car there are some turns that you can do at no more than 80 km/h (and u hear the tyres sliding) or 150-160 if u have a Carrera 4s.
Look around minute 5 he does a wheelie into a tunnel. Impressive!


Blogger Catalonic said...

You left out the fourth and most important reason....because I was in Milan last weekend for the MBA basketball tournament, and during my time off, I videotaped myself doing a wheelie through a tunnel.
Thanks for the publicity George!

12:30 PM


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