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Monday, May 01, 2006

Sunny weekend

This long weekend was very relaxing. Yesterday we had a great BBQ on our terrace, from 3pm until 11! There was even time for a second round of meet over the grill. Today I joined the MTB club training in sight of the MBA Olympics and i discovered that: - i'm totally out of shape - going uphill is very painful - going down is even worst! A part from that, Barcelona reveals again itself to be the best city i ever lived in. In a sunny day like this you can either spend the afternoon at the beach or have "nature" experience in the hills like the one we had. Marco had to surrender to this steep slope! and these guys as well... ok maybe too late.. We conquered Tibabo... YEAH!


Blogger Catalonic said...

I feel like any joke I make about the spandex would just be too obvious.
So I'll simply say thank you George, thank you very much.

4:17 PM


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