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Sunday, December 03, 2006

All the nodes come to the comb...

I know the title doesn't make much sense in English. It's just a straight translation from an italian sentence. It says that at the end, all the (bad) things that you do and stay hidden for a while, at a certain point will come to light. Like passing a comb into hairs with nodes.. at a certain point the comb get stuck into a node.
If you have read the posts of the last 3 months you will notice tales about clubs, dinners, sport... lot of leisure time. What about preparing for the exams? That's the time where the nodes come to the comb!
My schedule for the next week forsee:
- an assignment for turnaround management
- an assignment for emerging markets
- an assignment for introduction to venturing
- a take home exam for advanced corporate finance
- an exam of emerging markets
The good thing is that I think everyone is almost screwed up as I am. I go to the library and I see really puzzled and scared faces around, which makes the whole thing very funny! It seems that everybody was sleeping from august to december! Nevertheless, everybody still takes time to go out at night. Personally I had a quite cool weekend at night but I studied hard during the day. Now I'm taking some daytime to go downtown to buy some presents for friends (which is a thing that makes me very happy) and then back to the excel models.


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