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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

End of term

And also this term is over. On monday i did my only exam of the term and today i closed the last assignment. Now I have almost one month of vacation which starts here in NY and will end in Milan passing by a new year's eve in Finland.

Today we received an email from Pat Robison, the exchange coordinator of IESE, who told us that our grades won't be transferred to IESE. Whatever is our grade here, we will get just a note about our experience in another school. No translation.

Hey Pat! Next time tell this in advance, so instead of going out six days a week i will go out seven!

By the way it's nice to see that people at the MBA don't work hard only for grades. Honestly i said to myself "in exchange i won't put so much effort in studying" but at the end, since i like the courses i took, I put a lot of effort in trying to do every assignment and exam at my best. And I think i performed very well (always modest). But Also Marco, Ramon and Till.. everybody is focused and wants to learn as much as they can.

At the same time I was astonished to see how some people have a behaviour that you don't expect from the MBA. Kind of childish approach in doing team assignments, lack of professionality driven by a motivation that sounds like "well it's not a real job, who cares". Personally I still see the MBA as a playground to practice being professional. A place when you are allowed to make mistakes and nobody will fire you. So why don't take advantage of it and try to take it seriously when it comes to team work? Apparently somebody don't share my vision.

Despite the exams of this week, last weekend I had so much fun, as always. Three friends of mine from milan where here and I took it seriously when it came to organize for them a good nightlife. During the day i let them going out for shopping and sightseeing while i was studying. Then at night we went to all the nice clubs and restaurants i've been so far. On Friday we went to Piano to celebrate Noellie's birthday! Oh my god i was so drunk the day after. I cannot even remember such an headache since ages!

And guess who was here as well? My HERO! Who? Bertrand! The guy that on the video i posted few days ago broke both his feet. I was so glad to see that his improment curve has an exponential shape. He is already without casts and apparently he will be able to walk shortly. Shortly in the sense of "soon" not "short distances". Ok maybe soon he will do only short distances. Ok.. whatever.

Overall I am very glad I came in exchange but i will explain why in another post. Now i need some rest because i'm going to a cool christmas party at Olivia's place. Woo hoo.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey George!

It was great to see you. What would have become without you, in a wheelchair with a flat tire in the streets of NYC??

Enjoy your holidays and see you soon in BCN!


12:40 PM

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