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Friday, December 15, 2006

A la esquina

One of the cooles bar-restaurants in New York is called "la esquina". The corner.
It is one of those places that you have to book one month in advance if u are not a VIP, which is exactly what i did. I became a VIP!
The curious thing about this restaurant is that from the uside is just a cheap tiny diner in soho. Except that there is a door with a guard in front and a girl with a list. You say your name, the guard open the door and after a steep stairs, passing by the kitchen, you end up in an amazing bar restaurant, crowded like hell, where they serve mexican food on the waves of good music. I tried to shot a video of the entrance. I tried twice and the results were very poor. However, here is what I did.

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Blogger Catalonic said...

I just had lunch there on Tuesday, and holy shit they've got some delish rice and beans!

2:46 PM

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