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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Party

Wednesday evening: christmas party at Olivia's place. In less than half an hour from the moment they entered the flat, everybody was drunk. Amazing party! Lot's of people, many i knew already, many i met for the first time there. It's amazing how this is different from IESE. After three months you see people you have never seen before, even if they are studying at the same school. But is cool, you always meet new and interesting people at every party and event!
By the way... I haven't taken many pictures yesterday and the few ones where all blurry and with bad colors. I cannot wait to have my reflex in my hands again! But i took a great video for you. Enrico popping bottles of champagne with the knife!
After the party we went to a club in the lower east side. As if the 40 bottles of champagne we had at Olivia's place were not enough, we decided to kill the night with tequila shots. I think there is a big competition between tequila and champagne producer to elect the best "headacher" drink in the world. Just imagine when you drink both of them!
Not satisfied, we moved to one of the most amazing flat I saw in my life, in the Trump Tower. Wow. A big flat all for us. I found it very MBA-typical to walk around in this flat at 5.30 in the morning when people was all so drunk and still to hear something like "... ah yes five times ebitda" in a conversation!



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